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Fabolous, yummy and very easy to make dish. If you are looking for an ono recipe, then this Kanoe Gibson's Mac Nut Crusted Ono With Lemon Butter Sauce dish recipe is for you. Enjoy!

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This week’s episode of Cooking Hawaiian Style features famous professional surfer and musician Makua Rothman. He shares delicious recipe of Kalo banana dessert made with coconut milk.

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Singer, songwriter Sean Robbins is an accomplished slack key guitarist who learned the Hawaiian language so that he could write his lyrics in Hawaiian. He wanted to do this instead of having to write his music in English and then having to translate it to Hawaiian. His commitment to his craft and his music is why this young musician has accompli...

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Project Runway designer and contestant Kini Zamora  joins us on the set of Cooking Hawaiian Style to make a refreshing sorbet martini featuring Chef Adam Tabura’s new line of local-style sorbets from Pacific Sorbet.  


Kini is an accomplished designer and continues to design his own line of one-of-a-kind fashion pieces ...

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Kealoha Domingo and Keoni Kuoha joined us in the kitchen with some ono dishes that I wish I could have at this moment. Hawaiian food has to be one of my favorite cravings next to Japanese and these guys didn't disappoint. Representing Papahana Kuaola, they used some of the aina’s bounty in our kitchen to cook u...

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I love luncheon meat. Luncheon meat comes in variety of brands but I prefer Tullip's Luncheon Meat.Try this delicious Crispy Tulip Luncheon Meat/Turkey burgers with a cranberry chipotle gaze recipe; rest i assure you will become a fan of this savory dish.

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This recipe is truly the best key lime pie i have ever tasted. I always liked Key Lime Pie but never found one that satisfied me until this amazing recipe by former miss Hawaii Kanoe Gibson. Enjoy and share!

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Tender and tasy, Lanai and Kim Taylor Reece make this delicious fried adobo chicken wing recipe. This dish brings the best of both worlds together for a juicy, succulent fried chicken with the rich flavors of adobo locked in. Enjoy and share the aloha!

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One of my favorite Thai restaurants is located in the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center called Noi Thai Cuisine. Chef Ake shared some of his talents with us making some of Noi's signature dishes. This restaurant not only known for their authentic Thai dishes, but the decor and ambience is something to experience.


They also have a...

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Four Seasons Resort Ko Olina Chef Ray German cools us off with his refreshing avocado salad. A native of Southern California, German is at home living near the ocean and his cooking reflects his menu at the Fish House where you will find live music, ono jerky, Hawaiian brewed craft beer and all the fresh fish you can...

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Passion Santos joins us on the set of Cooking Hawaiian Style to make her semi-homemade vegetarian hamburger steak using taro burgers and brown gravy.  You can either use a homemade packet brown gravy mix or try our own

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Hapa Haole Kitchen has all the homemade local foods that you crave for when you need your Hawaii fix. Located in Kaneohe, you will find homestyle favorites such as pastele stew, loco moco's and this weeks insanely delicious dessert the peanut butter banana lumpia. Mahalo to Momi and Ann of Hapa Haole Kitchen for this...

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I hope you enjoyed your holiday dinners and lunches here comes the New Years. This week we feature our friends at Wolfgangs steak house and one of my favorites there is the loco moco. If you are tired of cooking and washing dishes you might want to go and book a holiday dinner or better yet brunch with them.

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Try this simple and ono recipe for Tulip fries made with Tulip luncheon meat battered and served golden brown and crispy with a spicy sriracha aioli. Try Tulip brand luncheon meat available in your local grocery store.

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Hawaii has so many young and talented culinary chefs popping up and we are excited to feature Chef Kino Carrillo today. Chef Carrillo takes one of my favorite vegetables water cress from the Sumida farm and mixes in some bok choy to make us this local-style salad with a special Asian kim chee dressing.

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Mac 24/7 in the Hilton Prince Kuhio hotel has been featured on Man vs. Food, and also highlighted on the Food Network because of Chef James Aptakin. I got to meet James a few years back but because of both of our busy schedules we never had the opportunity to work together.


We where happy to finally get him in the kit...

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Singer song writer Sean Robbins made some creative pasta with Portuguese sausage. Italy meet Portugal, Portugal meet Italy. I always loved using Portuguese sausage with the my hamburger for spaghetti but never thought of making a carbonara.


The oil and from the sausage and the cheese and pasta fit nicely and taste ono. This is...

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Designer Kini Zamora joins us on the Cooking Hawaiian Style set with a local must-have,  potato macaroni salad made island style with kim chee. Growing up in Hawaii I have heard different stories on the origins of macaroni and potato salad and how it became such an integral part of our plate lunches. Some say WWII s...

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Looking for some good Italian food Il Lupino in the Royal Hawaiian Center can be found on the bottom floor right next to the stage at the Royal Grove. They have a wide variety of wines, a nice bar and some great Italian food. Some of their signature Italian dishes incorporate local ingredients.

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This month we are shooting our show at the Royal Hawaiian Center which is filled with history and a pretty cool back drop for our kitchen. Joining us the Royal Grove is Chef Borden from Wolfgang’s Steak house.


Just a little history, th...

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