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Another fun recipe to make Christmas morning breakfast extra special with these easy to make Christmas reindeer pancakes with crispy bacon antlers.  Let the kids decorate and put their own special touch on these pancakes.

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Brighten up your holiday with this kid-friendly, fun to make, rich and creamy melting snowman hot cocoa or hot chocolate as we used to call it.  Kids love to decorate and personalize their own snowman!

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Try this healthier Halloween treat and cut out the sugar this Halloween with these frozen banana ghost pops at your next party!

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I've been really watching what I eat and have been revisiting introducing carbohydrates back into my diet. For the longest time, I tried to avoid carbs as much as possible. Well, I have been exercising daily and found that I need the energy that carbs provide and brown rice is perfect for this. This is an asian style...

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In Hawaii, we love our brown gravy, especially over rice! This oven stew made with tender Cedar Springs Veal is an easy one-pot meal that makes an ono brown gravy instead of the traditional tomato-sauce type stew. I wanted to share a little about why I chose veal and where the veal came from.


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Watch this video to learn a quick and easy way to prepare frozen poi without a microwave or the mess!

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This refrigerator oatmeal is easy to make. Simply mix the ingredients in a bowl, put into individual serving jars or dishes and allow to set overnight in the refrigerator. In Hawaii, poi is such an important staple - it is part of who we are as Hawaiians and I think its important for us to embrace the past, but also the future and in finding new...

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Looking for an ono and delicious chicken recipe for your next party or gathering? Try this simple-to-make poke-style chicken wings recipe. They are crispy, salty, savory - fried extra crispy, then tossed in a simple Aloha shoyu, sesame oil, Hawaiian salt, chili flakes, ogo and inamona - OR - just cheat and use Noh Fo...

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I thought I would share one of the recipes in our newest cookbook: "Cooking Hawaiian Style Volume 2" These are mini Korean-inspired musubi made with diced carrots, spam, korean nori, daikon and a touch of roasted sea salt. They make the perfect pupu-sized bite for any party. You can purchase our cookbooks online whic...

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The perfect way to bring in the new year... with a big pot of oxtail soup!

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Poi kulolo krisps were created by mistake one day when I was trying to make a kulolo type fruit leather made with poi. The result was these delicious poi kulolo krisps. They are a cross between brittle, milk candy with flavors of coconut, macadmia nuts, kulolo and poi.    Poi kulolo krisps make the perfect treat for home as well as for holiday...

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Kimie' Miner joins Lanai Tabura on Cooking Hawaiian Style to make her own Hauula Shrimp, talk story and sing her latest single "Bottom Of A Rainbow". Cooking Hawaiian Style was filmed on Location on the island of Lanai at the Four Seasons Resort Lanai.

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Who knew that you could make cookies out of Taro Brand's pancake mix? The possibilities are endless as to what you can make. Today I made these Taro pumpkin spice macadamia nut cookies and they turned out amazing! Perfect for tonight's pre-Halloween party!

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This is a re-creation of a traditional Thanksgiving or holiday dish called pumpkin cruch that I changed up to include Taro Brand poi and poi pancake mix for the crust. The result was amazing!

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Dracula's dentures - A qucik and easy Halloween treat that you can make quickly with store-bought items.  This recipe uses store-bought cookies, mini marshmallows, guava or strawberry jam for the blood and white chocolate fangs.

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My classmate and friend Sherry Teruya and vital member of the Cooking Hawaiian Style staff made this healthier banana bread recipe for us and it was so good, that I had to get the banana bread recipe from her.  The healthier part is from u...

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This is my quick and easy version of Sheppards pie - its basically an easy meatloaf recipe with creamy mashed potatoes on the top.  The potatoes are nice and creamy with a crispy crust - classic comfort food!  

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Taro chip cookies, Hawaii's answer to the popular potato chip cookies. These cookies have the perfect combination of crunchy, sweet and salty.

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I tried these at a party and had to try making them.  I love anything with taro in it.

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Summertime is always time to fire up the grill and this time I'm doing it slightly healthier with delicious mahi mahi burgers topped with a serrano chile salsa. 

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