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Crispy Gau Gee Mein

This is probably one of the most popular dishes in Hawaii...the recipe is a little involved, but not very difficult and well worth the effort.

Posted By: C. Chang
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Prep Time: 30 | Cook Time: 20 | Ready In: 50
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Gau Gee:
10 small dried Chinese mushrooms
Boiling water
1 pkg Won Ton wrappers
1/4 lb Fresh shrimp
1/2 lb Ground pork, (chicken or turkey)
7 cans Water chestnuts, chopped fine
3 Green onions finely chopped
1 tsp Oyster sauce
1 tsp Aloha shoyu
Dash of white pepper
1 tsp sugar
1/2 tsp pared and grated fresh ginger root
1 small clove Garlic, pressed
1-1/4 Tbsp Cornstarch
1 egg
3 C Vegetable oil

Pan Fried Noodles:
1 lb Fresh thin Chinese egg noodle or 1 lb dried
1-1/2 C sliced BBQ pork (char siu)
1/4 lb Fresh shrimps, shells removed, deveined, left whole or sliced
1 whole Chicken breast sliced into bite-size pieces
1/2 C Dried small black chinese mushrooms
1 medium Onion sliced
2 stalks Celery cut at a diagonal
1 C Fresh mushrooms, sliced or 3/4 C canned sliced mushrooms
1 C Bean sprouts
1/2 C sliced Waterchestnuts
1/2 C Bamboo shoots, sliced
1 C Bok choy chopped into 2-inch pieces
1 C sliced Chinese or Napa cabbage
1 C sliced Carrots
1/4 lb Snow peas, trimmed
Peanut oil

2 Tbsp Cornstarch
2-1/2 C Chicken or vegetable stock
2 Tbsp Aloha shoyu
4 Tbsp Oyster sauce
1 Tbsp Chinese rice wine or dry sherry
1 Tbsp Sesame oil

Cooking Process:

Gau Gee:
Place mushrooms in a bowl and cover with boiling water. Let stand 20-30 mins. Drain and squeeze out excess water and chop finely. Remove shells, devein shrimp and finely chop. Transfer chopped foods to a large bowl. Add soy sauce, ginger, garlic, cornstarch and egg. Mix well. Place one level teaspoon of mixture onto center of each wonton. Brush edges with water. Fold in half over filling, pressing edges firmly together to seal. Heat vegetable oil in wok over high heat until it reaches 375 degrees. Fry 8 to 10 gau gees at a time in hot oil until golden, 2 to 3 mins. Drain on absorbent paper towels. Put on top of pan fried noodles or may be served separately with Sweet and Sour Sauce.

Put the mushrooms in a small bowl and pour boiling water over them. Let soak for 20-do mins. Meanwhile, cook the noodles in a large quantity of boiling water for 3-1/2 to 5 mins. Drain, rinse under cold water, drain again, toss with a little sesame oil and set aside. Heat a work or skillet over medium high heat until hot. Add 1 cup peanut oil and heat until the oil is very hot. Lower the noodles into the oil to form a nest and let them cook until brown on one side (About 8 to 10 mins.). Turn the noodles over and brown the other side. Remove to a large serving platter and keep warm. Pout off all the oil except 1/4 cup and heat. Add chicken and stir fry for 2 mins. Add the shrimp, BBQ pork and vegetables. Mix all the sauce ingredients well and add and bring to a boil until thickened. Pour vegetable mixture over gau gees and noodles and serve garnished with Chinese parsley (cilantro), sliced green onions, and egg shreds, if desired.