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Stove Kine Pot Roast

Well, this has been my craving for the week. I came up with this recipe a few weeks ago and boy am I happy that it is now on one of my top 10 creations. Over the past years I have tried to come up with different ways to make a flavorful and moist pot roast. The stove top method really is the only way to go in my opinion. I was mistaken by trying to create a mouthwatering pot roast in the oven. This recipe does take a little nuturing and time. Once you have made this recipe, I am sure you will agree, NO MORE OVEN! ENJOY

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5- 9 lbs. Pot roast (boneless chuck)

2 packets McCormick's pot roast seasonings

sprinkle of Nori's or hawaiian salt

pepper to taste

beef base (better than bouillon)

6-8 cloves garlic

2 tablespoons sherry cooking wine

1/4 chopped onion

3-4 potatos, cubed

4 stalks celery, chunked

small bag babby carrots

1 whole onion, cut in wedges

1 tray mushrooms (optional)

mochiko flour/ water for thickening (found in local and asian markets

Cooking Process:
  • Directions:*optional to sprinkle roast with flour and brown on 2 sides in a pot, drain oil.

Cover roast with water, add 2 packets of seasoning, little salt, garlic cloves & chopped onion.Add sherry and few tablespoons of the bouillon. Do it accordingly to your taste. If to salty you can always add water..  Bring to boil, simmer for approx. 2 hours until tender.

Take it out of the pot and set aside.


To the seasoned water add potatoes, carrots, celery & onion wedges.Simmer low for approx. 45 minutes until tenderTake out the vegtables from the broth. Set aside in a baking dish for serving.  Add about 1/8 c. mochiko in a bowl and water to create a  thin paste.Turn broth on medium heat and slowly add mochiko paste slowly, a little at a time because it takes a few minutes to thicken. Keep doing so until the gravy is as thick as you want it to be.  When the gravy is ready return the roast to a simmer, until ready to serve


how to serve:

Serve over hot rice and Hawaiian sweet bread on the side.