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Kuana Torres Ho'i'o Fern Shoot Salad

Hawaiian musician Kuana Torres Kahele joins us on the set of Cooking Hawaiian Style to make his traditional ho'i'o fern shoot salad recipe.

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2 bunches of h?‘i‘o (warabi fern)

2 bags soft cuttlefish 1.5 oz. each, chopped

5 tomatoes, diced

2 large yellow onions, chopped

2 packages Gobo/Fishcake

3-4 small red Hawaiian Chili peppers, minced

1 package Kamaboko

1/3 cup Oyster Sauce

Hawaiian salt to taste

1/3 cup Sesame Oil

Cooking Process:

Clean and wash h?‘i‘o thoroughly. Make sure all hair is removed from fern. Gently bend h?‘i‘o. If the h?‘i‘o is soft and flexible, it is an edible portion. Hard portions are tough, typically the bottom third, and must be cut off. 


Cut h?‘i‘o into 1 inch pieces and place into a large bowl or pan for soaking. Boil large pan of water and pour over ho’I’o enough to totally cover. Soak 5 minutes.  Drain in the sink and flush with cool water. Return to bowl/pan for icewater bath to cool fern pieces quickly and completely. This keeps fern crisp and not slimy for the salad.  After 30 min, drain water thoroughly and leave in bowl.   Add tomato, cuttlefish, chili pepper and onion to drained h?‘i‘o. Cut Gobo/fish cake in half and then into thin 1” pieces. Kamoboko to be cut into thin pieces--Add both to mixture.  


Stir mixture adding sesame oil and oyster sauce and Hawaiian salt to taste. Mix well by hand. Put into a large Ziploc bag and allow to marinate, refrigerated for 1-2 hours prior to serving

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