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Ka`ikena Scanlan ?is many things; A Hawaiian language professor and ethnobotanist at the Kaikena Scanlan Hot Dog with Ulu FriesUniversity of Hawaii-Hilo, a farmer who tills the land in Honoka'a on Kaun?mano Farm, a musician whose music is blowing up on the airwaves, and now a guest chef on Cooking Hawaiian Style.


Originally from Kailua Oahu Ka?ikena teaches Hawaiian Language at UH Hilo and Pahoa High School. This guy is talented, he can sing, write, play guitar and cook. Working on a pig farm he knows the aina and the importance of perpetuating the culture. Ka'ikena joined us in our Cooking Hawaiian Style Kitchen and showed us how to make his hot dog with ulu fries recipe.

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1 Ulu (breadfruit) cut in fries sized pieces
Kaun?mano Farms hot dogs (or gourmet hot dog of your choice)
Salt to taste
Oil for cooking

Cooking Process:

Grill the pre-made hot dog on a hot pan over medium heat.
Cut the Ulu into bite sizes.
Heat oil in a fryer or pan until hot (enough to fully cover the ulu you are cooking).
Drop ulu into hot oil until crispy on outside and soft in the middle.
Add salt to cooked ulu.
Serve with grilled hot dog.

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