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Posted By: S. Kairod

What could be better than a hot, spicy bowl of soup full of flavorful shrimp and mussels in a rich, flavorful broth?  

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So I never really ate a loco moco growing up in Hawaii because it just seemed like a cholesterol killer with all the starch and the protein-plus from the beef and egg. Also, I never took afternoon naps and undoubtedly a nap is required if you ate a whole bowl of loco moco.

Still, ...

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Posted By: Thyra Abraham

This Hamburger Watercress is an easy throw-together meal that is delicious and comforting!

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Posted By: Sid Alapai

They say that using day old rice makes fried rice taste better and for the most part I agree with that, but it also highly depends on the type of rice you have, how you cooked the original rice, how old it is, and how you like your fried rice.


Some people like it a lit...

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A very popular dish at Hy's using a Kiawe broiled 7 ounce Filet Mignon. After the steak has been broiled to desired denseness, top with 2 sauteed shrimp, the steamed asparagus and the Sauce Bearnaise.

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Posted By: Deirdre K Todd

There are few dishes that MUST be on every take out counter menu or served at every lunch wagon.  Most of us here have our favorite places to go for this one particular dish. It remains one of those dishes, that no matter your favorite recipe, it is just not the same at home as it is at your favorite hole in the wal...

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