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Inspired by tasty island recipe for crab & shitake sushi casserole.

I adjusted the ingredients and added a twist with the langostino for a slightly different flavor and a little more texure as well as green onions for color. The tobiko gives it a whole new dimension and takes you to back to y...

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Posted By: K. Taako

After making fried fish or fish katsu sushi, leigh (photographer) suggested using the leftovers for making tacos.  Thanks leighfor the ono idea!  Photography by Leigh Ann Meeks.

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Posted By: Frank Abraham

Leftover Chicken Adobo Fried Rice - A great way to use up any leftover adobo and rice!

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Posted By: S. Kairod

Sweet, Sour, Savory fried rice made with pineapple, ground pork and chinese sausages (lup cheong)

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