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Posted By: As Seen on OC16

There is a new restaurant in downtown and its making some noise with Chef Kevin Lee behind the wheel offering a refined, yet relaxed dinning experience. I love the style, decor and of course the menu of PAI Honolulu on Merchant street in the Harbor Court building.


Chef Kevin is no stranger to incredible kitchens as he did his ...

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Posted By: C. Chang

If you grew up in Hawaii, you probably made your own shrimp chips at one time or another. Remember the hard, plastic-like discs that puffed up nicely in hot oil?  Remember how delicious they were?  These homemade chips taste even better as they are made with fresh ingredients.

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Posted By: Frank Abraham

These mini shrimp toast bites pack a lot of punch and a lot of flavor starting with the garlic bread toast base which is slathered with homemade clam dip and topped with a spicy chipotle lime shrimp.  You can make each component ahead of time and simply assemble before serving.

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Posted By: A. Honopaa

This is one of those really simple recipes that really exemplifies what Hawaii is about.  You have a potentially mexican dish, topped with Korean-style kim chee shrimp on a bed of lettuce and lomi tomato vinaigrette (Hawaii spin on salsa)...  Fun!

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So easy and so delicious. our family traditionally did this dish on New Year's but you can do it anytime. Tastes great with a steak and since you have the grill out, might as well BBQ some steaks

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Posted By: K. Taako

Broiled sushi is a great party appetizer and is easy to make for those of you that don't want to spend your time rolling sushi. Place the rice and toppings in a pan, broil and serve!  Your guests simply scoop the rice into a piece of nori (seaweed) and eat!

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Posted By: C. Chang

Not sure if all of you realize how lucky we are to have our own version of noodles...the cake noodle. According to an article in Hawaii's Midweek, the birth of the cake noodle was at the On On restaurant in McCully. The cake noodle is a chinese dish, but made with saimin noodles...go figure. This recipe looks simi...

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