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Posted By: As Seen on OC16

Craig KatsuyoshiWhen you talk Hawaiian Food Helena’s will always be ment...

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Posted By: Frank Abraham

I've been really watching what I eat and have been revisiting introducing carbohydrates back into my diet. For the longest time, I tried to avoid carbs as much as possible. Well, I have been exercising daily and found that I need the energy that carbs provide and brown rice is perfect for this. This is an asian style...

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Posted By: Frank Abraham

Healthier Shirataki Pasta with Meat Sauce - Made with extra lean organic beef, shirataki tofu pasta which has a little bit of protein, and no carbs.

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During the last couple of weeks, the weather remained pleasantly warm in the low to mid 80's.  It’s the exact kind of weather to make me think of home.  Warm sunshine, light breezes…make me feel like having… a waffle dog!

KC drive-in, now closed, was the place to go for a ...

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Posted By: A. Taniguchi

Hamburger katsu - One of Hawaii's favorite dishes with a slight twist, instead of chicken or pork, this version is made with ground beef.

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So I never really ate a loco moco growing up in Hawaii because it just seemed like a cholesterol killer with all the starch and the protein-plus from the beef and egg. Also, I never took afternoon naps and undoubtedly a nap is required if you ate a whole bowl of loco moco.

Still, ...

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Posted By: A. Honopaa

If Prime Rib was prepared for Hawaiian Royalty, I would imagine it being prepared with Alaea Salt and mashed taro in place of mashed potatoes and perhaps a shake or two of Hawaiian chili pepper water.  This is my twist on this classic dish.

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Posted By: Thyra Abraham

This Hamburger Watercress is an easy throw-together meal that is delicious and comforting!

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A very popular dish at Hy's using a Kiawe broiled 7 ounce Filet Mignon. After the steak has been broiled to desired denseness, top with 2 sauteed shrimp, the steamed asparagus and the Sauce Bearnaise.

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Posted By: Deirdre K Todd

There are few dishes that MUST be on every take out counter menu or served at every lunch wagon.  Most of us here have our favorite places to go for this one particular dish. It remains one of those dishes, that no matter your favorite recipe, it is just not the same at home as it is at your favorite hole in the wal...

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