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Posted By: Frank Abraham

Yesterday, I had a quick burst of inspiration to make a hurricane popcorn cookie using island princess mochi pop which is a combination of carmel corn, arare (rice crackers)...added macadamia nuts and furikake.

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Posted By:

With so many holiday celebrations throughout the season, Hawaiian Host® makes it easy to create simple recipes such as these Milk Chocolate Alohamacs with ingredients that most people tend to have in their cupboards. This recipe and more wi...

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Posted By: Amy Kristy

Every year I like to re-create a slightly healthier version of some of my favorite Halloween treats.  This year I decided to try making peppermint patties replacing the sugar with agave.  It turned out really well!

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Posted By: Lauren Benning

These peanut butter cookies are just like grandma’s, but changed up just a little to boost the protein and reduce the sugar. Oh, and they’re gluten-free. Make this one your new classic peanut butter cookie recipe!

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