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Posted By: Frank Abraham

I've been on a health-kick lately and wanted to make a simple chili using less meat or even try making chili using a meat substitute.    I used a 16-bean mix along with garbanzo beans and thickened the chili with fat free refried beans. T...

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This dish is all about fresh.... fresh ahi, fresh blackberries and fresh farmer's market vegetables.

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Posted By: Amy Kristy

This Brown Rice Tofu Poke is for those that love the taste of poke but are looking for a vegetarian or healthier option.

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Posted By: Thyra Abraham

A quick and simple bean salad that can be served alone or on a bed of greens.  For those watching their sugar intake, replace the sugar with 1 packet of splenda.

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Posted By: K. Taako
This is a Hawaiian style vegetarian version of poke with tofu, served over a wonderful salad made with edamame, kale, broccolini and brown rice. You will love this salad. The flavor combinations are unique and wonderfully refreshing. It makes a perfect light and satisfying summer lunch.
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