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Have you ever had renkon chips? Renkon is lotus root. The only time I remember eating renkon when I was little was on New Year's Day--my grandmother said it was traditional--you ate it "so you can see the future". Renkon is also in nishime and umani--but I've never had it fried and crispy.  Recipe courtesy of Karoly...

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When I was little, our family ate a lot of fried rice.

No wonder, there were five of us kids and my parents--7 hungry mouths to feed.  It's simple, fast, and when you add a few slices of bacon--it's very flavorful.  We always had it with a lot of vegetables mixed in, too. Every family, or every cook, has th...

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This is my favorite way to eat sushi.  Homestyle... With simple, fresh ingredients.  You can set out anything you like or anything you have on hand.  And making a hand roll is so easy!

Recipe courtesy of Karolyn of

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My family loves spicy tuna rolls and I'm sure they'll be excited to try these!  Adapted from Ravenous Couple.

Courtesy of Karolyn of website

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If you went to any Japanese-American festival, carnival or restaurant, for that matter, would Teriyaki Chicken be on the menu?

I think so!  Teriyaki chicken must be a Japanese-American dish. My Japan relatives say teriyaki chicken or teriyaki beef is not Japanese food, it is Amer...

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My husband loves dark chocolate and mint.  I decided to I'd do something nice for him since he's been driving me the last few weekends to craft shows--so I made him a Chocolate Mint Mochi Cake.  I got the idea of adding the mint from Laurie at Simply Scratch.  I saw her delicious-looking Dark Chocolate Mint Crackl...

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When I first started to make mabo tofu at home, I used a packaged mapo dofu mix.  House brand makes a pretty good one. I used that one for years, but when I tried the recipe from Just One Cookbook, Nami's was so much tastier!

Nami has a great blog and has won many awards. You'll...

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Looking for a light summer dessert?  And a way to use up some of your backyard stone fruit?  Want a dessert that's fast and easy? Give these Berry Best Won Ton Napoleons a try!

Recipe courtesy of Karolyn at

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Onigiri, for those of you that aren't acquainted with them, is white short-grain rice pressed into a ball, triangle, or other shape. They're also called musubi.

The onigiri of my youth was made with lightly salted plain rice with a bit of umeboshi...

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When I made this the other day for a party, people asked, "Who made the fried rice?" It's not exactly fried rice, it's cooked in a bamboo steamer--but the rice is fried a little before, so it might qualify as fried rice.

Recipe courtesy of Karolyn of

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I love eggplant. I think eggplant and miso go good together.

At our house, we call this dish--and pretty much any dish made in a skillet with everything mixed together--Okazu. In Japanese-American households, okazu is a general dish to go with rice. I made a different type of okazu the first month I started b...

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As we were chatting before we got started, Susan asked if I had seen The Pioneer Woman's recipe for Frito Chili Pie--she was excited and said it looked like so much fun serving chili in small bags of Fritos. When I asked if she'd like to make that instead, Susan answered with a resounding, "YES!" Off we went to the market to pick up the ingredie...

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Usually, it's vegetables of some kind, along with some meat. But you can fill it with carne asada, spinach & ricotta cheese, pulled pork and barbecue sauce, macaroni & cheese--the possibilities are endless! On a lazy Sunday morning, I decided to make some egg roll with the vegetable odds & ends in the refrigerator--which turned into Yakisoba Egg...

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