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Have you ever had renkon chips? Renkon is lotus root. The only time I remember eating renkon when I was little was on New Year's Day--my grandmother said it was traditional--you ate it "so you can see the future". Renkon is also in nishime and umani--but I've never had it fried and crispy.  Recipe courtesy of Karoly...

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My family loves spicy tuna rolls and I'm sure they'll be excited to try these!  Adapted from Ravenous Couple.

Courtesy of Karolyn of website

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When I made this the other day for a party, people asked, "Who made the fried rice?" It's not exactly fried rice, it's cooked in a bamboo steamer--but the rice is fried a little before, so it might qualify as fried rice.

Recipe courtesy of Karolyn of

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