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Posted By: Deirdre K Todd

Baked pineapple spareribs made local hawaiian style. Sometimes mistakes in the kitchen make for a winner recipe. Credit for this recipe goes to a helpful  goddaughter, so excited to be of help in the kitchen.

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Posted By: Deirdre K Todd

Bacon wrapped mochi, a really delicious and simplistic pupu that can be grilled or deep fried and served hot.

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A simple recipe from Chef Nicole La Torre for melt-in-your-mouth pork spareribs braised or slow cooked for hours.

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When I was little, our family ate a lot of fried rice.

No wonder, there were five of us kids and my parents--7 hungry mouths to feed.  It's simple, fast, and when you add a few slices of bacon--it's very flavorful.  We always had it with a lot of vegetables mixed in, too. Every family, or every cook, has th...

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Posted By: C. Chang

This is a healthier version of manapua made with vegetable filling and a white-wholewheat combo dough.  You can put just about combination of veggies so get creative and use your favorites.  You can also change up the seasonings ie. use curry powder, bbq, teriyaki...whatever you like!!

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Posted By: K. Taako

I have an affinity for all things kimchi and pork. Known as Jaeyook Bokkeum in Korea, Buta Kimchi is the Japanese version of this amazing pork and kimchi dish, and can be found in izakayas (Japanese tapas bars) all over Japan.

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