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Every Thanksgiving, we always end up with tons of leftover vingha d'ahlos, ham, turkey etc.  I love to fry up some of the leftovers and make fried rice.  My father is Portuguese and my mother Chinese so this dish is the both of best worlds!

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The Sushi Rice Bowl is basically a sushi roll turned inside out in a bowl... no special sushi rolling skills required! Filled with healthy veggies, brown rice and seaweed, this bowl makes for a perfectly fortifying meal to help get you through the winter months. Add in some marinated tofu, tempeh or seitan you'll have a well-rounded one pot meal...

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Posted By: Deirdre K Todd

A comforting dish, similar to the Japanese Zosui and Okayu, congee is normally simmered for a long period of time, until the dish has a creamy sticky texture. One of my Chinese students mentioned his family made it more often with the consistency of soup than porridge.

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