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These potatoes taste great alone or as a side dish, but if you really want to step it up, scramble up two eggs and bake your potatoes into a breakfast soufflé!

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This chili by Chef Nicole LaTorre features fresh vegetables and is every bit as satisfying and delicious!

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Carrot Cake Cacao Pancakes - A vegan, flour-less, gluten-free pancake!

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Posted By: Sid Alapai

Coconut banana macadamia nut turon with vegan coconut ice cream.  Turon is usually made with bananas, jackfruit but my variation is slightly different.

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Last night I was craving something sweet. I love Almond Joy candy bars, but don't eat them anymore because they're packed with ingredients I can't pronounce.  Whip up this easy treat for a healthy energy boost that will satisfy your craving for sweets.

Recipe courtesy of Chef Nic...

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