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This is a great drink to serve on Halloween. The Creme will clump together and settle at the bottom of the schnapps. It will have the appearance of an internal organ for a completely disgusting looking, yet thoroughly tasty party drink!

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This coconut pumpkin pie cocktail puts a Hawaii twist on this classic cocktail.

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Try this Guava Jalapeno Margarita Hawaiian twist on an old classic with a little kick!

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Better reserve your seat poolside cause that's where you will want to be while sipping on this Coconut Margarita tropical treat...

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The lava flow is one of the more popular drinks and consists of a strawberry daquiri and the chi chi or piña colada hybrid where the piña colada is poured into the strawberry daquiri giving the effect of a lava flow.

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My mouth is puckering just thinking about the sweet and sour margarita lined with Li Hing powder. A nice variation for this cocktail is to add fresh pineapple, mango or lilikoi juice or fruit to the mix for a truly Hawaiian treat!!

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The Hawaii version of the popular mojito...made with coconut rum and coconut milk!

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Coco-Guavatini - a tropical martini made with coconut vodka and guava nectar!

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Trader Vic’s Mai Tai is the iconic Tiki Drink — because it’s the better recipe.  Vic originally created the Mai Tai as a showcase for a 17 year aged rum, with nary a fruit juice in the mix.  “The flavor of this great rum wasn’t meant to be overpowered with heavy additions of fruit juices and flavorings,...

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