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A simple recipe from Chef Nicole La Torre for melt-in-your-mouth pork spareribs braised or slow cooked for hours.

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These potatoes taste great alone or as a side dish, but if you really want to step it up, scramble up two eggs and bake your potatoes into a breakfast soufflé!

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As a private chef & caterer, I'm a big advocate of fresh foods, but the truth is, I'm sometimes so busy that I just want a light, simple, high protein meal that will get me through the work load with minimal cleanup. This high fiber, protein packed meal is easy to make and great for...

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This chili by Chef Nicole LaTorre features fresh vegetables and is every bit as satisfying and delicious!

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Vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free and ultra delicious chocolate Kona coffee mousse!!

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Fresh Hawaiian ahi carpaccio served with lemon garlic aioli.  See how easy it is to make this dish.  Be sure to watch the video that accompanies this recipe.

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Carrot Cake Cacao Pancakes - A vegan, flour-less, gluten-free pancake!

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Classic macaroni and cheese made with bacon, gluten-free pasta and a combination of white cheddar, gruyere and parmesan cheeses.

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This dish is all about fresh.... fresh ahi, fresh blackberries and fresh farmer's market vegetables.

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A healthier version of tater tots made with vibrant purple Okinawan or Molokai sweet potatoes, coconut milk, onions and spices.

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Shrimp cakes made with okinawan sweet potatoes served with a roasted pepper aioli.

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This power packed salad will fill you up, without weighing you down. Ever notice how some meals give you energy, while others leave you feeling slowed down or even tired? 

Kale is a superfood that contains more iron than beef, more calcium than m...

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Walnut crusted salmon cakes made with a roasted red pepper aioli sauce.

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This refreshing dish is great for parties, lunch or served on top of a garden salad! If you don't eat it all within 2 days, cook it off and save for some fish tacos or fish cakes.

Recipe courtesy of Chef L...

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Last night I was craving something sweet. I love Almond Joy candy bars, but don't eat them anymore because they're packed with ingredients I can't pronounce.  Whip up this easy treat for a healthy energy boost that will satisfy your craving for sweets.

Recipe courtesy of Chef Nic...

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Filet mignon with tawny port butter.

Recipe courtesy of Chef Nicole Latorre - Hawaii Sustainable Chef

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This Chef LaTorre signature salad shines with bright colors, local flavors and a range of textures.

Depending on your location you can easily substitute the Manoa lettuce with locally grown greens from your area. At Hawaii Sustainable Chef, we LOV...

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Even people who do not like coconut enjoy this seasonal soup because the butternut squash is the dominate flavor. 

Chef LaTorre is one of Cooking Hawaiian Style's new regular contributors.  She will be featured on our new cooking video series on April 1st.

Please visit <...

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This is one of my favorite recipes! Although I call it a 'Breakfast Soufflé', this one def passes as a delicious lunch, dinner or mid afternoon snack for the glutenfree, paleo & gourmet crowd. 

It's easy to make a bunch in advance, so you'll be covered for days. Take it on the g...

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