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Let's face it, summer has been super-hot! Given the fact that we live in Hawaii, it's actually hot all year 'round! So to cool off, the crew got to try a seasonal concoction of blended fruits, featuring Kunia watermelon from Aloun farms. It’s a combination of a fruit smoothie meets old school sherbet soda. Try this...

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Pastele stew is a classic Hawaii favorite!

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Who serves the most Taro Leaves per week? Sam Choy's BLC. Every week they go through over 180 pounds of leaves for their laulau and squid luau. A special guest also drops in to inspect the restaurant for "scratch throat."


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Ancho Rubbed Salmon with Green Papaya and Orange Marmalade

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Before thinking that the name of this recipe, "Sterling Silver Short Rib BBQ Beef Stew" has redundancies in it, remind yourself that it has 3 kinds of meat! Two of which are Sterling Silver Premium Meats, the short ribs and the ground beef. The third meat source is bratwurst! Talk about flavor, and add the zesty and sweet profile of BBQ sauce to...

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