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New Game Starts January 1, 2016!!  We Added Another Pair of Tickets!!

Winners List

Grand Prize - 2 Round Trip Tickets On Alaska Airlines

Win (2) Round Trip tickets to anywhere that Alaska flies in the United States, Canada & Mexico - Maybe a trip to Hawaii?.

L. Nelson


First Place Prizes - $50 Gift Card Gift Cards,  One of the world's largest online retailers, the amazon Gift Card is the perfect gift to give a friend or a loved one. Amazon Gift Cards can be used online, from any location in the United States .


M. Egger, M. Hill


Second Place Prizes - Island Princess Gift Box


 Island Princess Hawaii produces Premium 100% Hawaiian macadamia nuts, candies and confections. The Taste of Island Princess Gift Box prize includes the following items: Mele Mac 2-Pc Packet, Hawaiian Style Macadamia Nut Caramel Corn 2.5 oz Box, Dry Roasted Macadamia Nuts (Lightly Salted, Honey Roasted, Maui Onion, Wasabi, and Sweet Chili flavors) 0.5 oz Mini Bags, Choco Mochi 2.5 oz Snack Bag, Floral Chocolate Macadamia Nuts 3 oz Gift Box, and Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans 2 oz Box.  Find out more about Island Princess Hawaii at

 J. Koller, T. Broussard

Third Place Prize - Cooking Hawaiian Style DVD

Cooking Hawaiian Style is a FREE recipe and recipe sharing site featuring 1,000's of Hawaiian-Style recipes.  Win a free DVD of our new Cooking Show and bring Hawaii into your living room.


D. Alderink, D. Kinoshita, S. Gamert, P. Anderson, A. Hamilton, D. Devine, M. Jones, R. Klopfanstein, T. Terni, C. Archer, D. Sommerfield, G. Hill, 

Fourth Place Taro Brand Taro Macadamia Nut or Chocolate Chip Pancake Mix


Taro Brand is one ofHawaii's most iconic brands in Hawaii.  Bring the flavors of Hawaii to your home with Taro Brand Hawaiian Pancake Mixes.  Visit for more information.

 R. Goldman, Y, Ynez, S, Prinsomb, D. Adams, D. Olson, A. White, B. Nelms, M. Lloyd, B.J. Cluck, J. Baral, H. Purvis, C. Kilborn, D. Adams