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Posted By: Frank Abraham

Poi kulolo krisps were created by mistake one day when I was trying to make a kulolo type fruit leather made with poi. The result was these delicious poi kulolo krisps. They are a cross between brittle, milk candy with flavors of coconut, macadmia nuts, kulolo and poi.    Poi kulolo krisps make the perfect treat for home as well as for holiday...

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Posted By: Jennifer Caceres

Jennifer Caceres is a new contributor to Cooking Hawaiian Style and is sharing her first recipe for Pistachio snowballs.  Jennifer lives in California, but feels like a local girl  She won the Koolina SpamJam competitions with her 50/50 spam panko burger.  Stay tune...

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Posted By: Moonblush Baker

The full name of this cake is pumpkin spiced croquembouche on a caramel mud cake with honey butter cream.  It is a fairly involved cake to make, but if you are looking for a cake with wow-factor, this is it.  This recipe is shared courtesy of Melinda Lo - visit her website: t

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Posted By: Amy Kristy

This Pineapple Torte is quick, easy and can throw this dessert together at the last minute for unexpected guests!!

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