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Posted By: Copycat Recipes

In Hawaii, everyone has their go-to place for macaroni or potato macaroni salad.  Since so many people have been asking for this recipe, I was asked to post it.  This recipe was provided to me by someone that used to work at Zippy's in Hawaii and actually made the salad every day.

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Posted By: Deirdre K Todd

Summer is here and I am getting lots of calls for recipe ideas for cool, light salads. This Zucchini Summer Salad is a crisp, light and tangy salad you will make over and over again.

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Posted By: Frank Abraham

I was digging through Mom's box of recipes and found an envelope from her friend Pat Anderson containing a newspaper clipping dated 1969 with a recipe for Zippy's Chili submitted by Zippy's. I am convinced that this is the original recipe for Zippy's Chili, but not the exact recipe that we have all grown up loving. The main missing ingredient i...

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