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Posted By: Deirdre K Todd

Super simple recipe for very flavorful hoisin chicken skewers - perfect for the BBQ grill and for potluck gatherings!

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Posted By: As Seen on OC16

When I invited Gordon Lum to do an episode on our Cooking Hawaiian Style TV show, I asked him what his most popular dish is. He said that "hands-down, Hawaiian Style chicken panang" was his most popular dish. Whenever he made it for pot lucks or one of Popo June Tong's foodie group gatherings, that people would rave ...

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Posted By: Sid Alapai

Hiananese chicken is one of my favorites, especially the aromatic garlic-ginger-chicken rice that comes with it.  Reminds me of the Chinese cold ginger chicken that I grew up with.

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Posted By: Amy Kristy

A healthier salad using a low-fat blue cheese dressing and a baked version of chicken katsu.

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