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Posted By: As Seen on OC16

Gordon Lum makes his popular Chinese look funn noodles with chicken - look funn is similar to chow fun but it comes in flat sheets and is cut into thin noodles.  The texture is a little more tender than chow fun noodles.

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Posted By: Deirdre K Todd

A quintessential dish that my favorite neighborhood restaurant serves over cake noodle. A very easy dish to prepare with no time on your hands. I always make sure I have these pantry items on hand always. Feel free to use bone in chicken, similar to how most restaurants prepare this dish.

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Posted By: S. Park

This Pad Thai recipe is perfect for those noodle lovers. Pad Thai is a perfect chicken and noodle combination that is sure to impress dinner guest as well as all members of the family. With quick prep and cook time, Pad Thai is a quick and simple dinner that is sure to impress.

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