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Using the same dough used in my previous paiai recipe posts, this versatile dough can also be rolled out thin to create lavash-like crackers...perfect to serve with fresh poke, lomi salmon or your favorite dip!

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Before the holidays, I wrote about the traditional pounded taro called Pa’i'ai, from Mana Ai.  We enjoyed mini pa’i'ai pizzas, and some wonderfully chewy, satisfying pa’i'ai tortillas.  ...

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Recently I got some pastured pork butt from the Sunday morning Farmers Market for the first time, and it made the most delicious Kalua Pig!

It was so tender and juicy– I could hardly believe how much better it tasted than pork from the grocery s...

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If it were me though, as tasty as this curry sauce is, I think I’d like to relax in a tub of warm haupia sauce instead!  Recipe courtesy of Lori Ikeda of 

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Horlick’s Malted Milk tablets in the small glass bottle (remember these?).  I must have really loved them, because I have multiple, clear memories of being really little and going to Hawaii’s main drugstore, Long’s Drug Store, and being allowed to choose the plain or chocolate malt tablets off the shelf.  The...

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