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After making fried fish or fish katsu sushi, leigh (photographer) suggested using the leftovers for making tacos.  Thanks leighfor the ono idea!  Photography by Leigh Ann Meeks.

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A Lychee Pear Strudel recipe containing coconut, butter, lychee, raisins, macadamia nuts, candied ginger, pear.
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This Lobster Carpaccio is my favorite snack.
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Lobster tatsutaage or deep fried lobster recipe...I always feel guilty dipping lobster meat in batter and frying it...  but it tastes amazing!!  Served as an appetizer or main entree...

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This is a delicious Layered Veggie Sushi recipe. Layered sushi, similar to pan sushi...feel free to press the sushi into a pan if you find it easier to build the layers.

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This simple and lovely Lychee Coconut Pudding dessert will amaze you. A luscious treat!
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Looking for something totally different for your next party? Try this recipe for lychee is unbelievably simple to make and so good! You can even sprinkle some furikake on the outside when it comes out of the oil instead of sea salt...

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