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Freshen up your teriyaki with a fresh tomato chimichurri spiced up with Hawaiian chili peppers.  A great way to celebrate the end of summer bringing together the best of two cultures!  Great on steaks as well!

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I love to make homemade granola and put whatever I feel like eating into the mix.  For this version, I am using a touch of butter, Hawaiian honey, and a bunch of tropical dried fruit including pineapple, coconut, papaya, mango and of course a healthy dose of cashews and macadamia nuts!

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Tulip Luncheon Meat Quiche, the perfect dish for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

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Turkey Broccoli Cheese Soup - If I'm not making turkey soup with with my leftover turkey, I love making this hearty variation of broccoli cheese soup adding turkey and leftover gravy.

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Thanksgiving leftovers are great for making quick and easy turkey pot pies which can be made in a snap and cooked right away or frozen for later use.

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There have been a lot of requests for healthier island-style dishes so I wanted to share this Tempeh Fried Brown Rice recipe for those looking for an alternative to the traditional greasy fried rice.

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This is a simple and an innovative way with tofu; lasagna made with iron rich spinach and tofu.
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This is a nice twist on the classic shrimp cocktail made with a tropical salsa instead of cocktail sauce...served in a wine glass for presentation.

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Fresh tuna ceviche made with fresh coconut, mango and watercress and coconut milk!

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