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Patele's and gandule rice are very popular for being sold on the side of the road...Unfortunately, it is hard to get in local restaurants, there are a few places but why not make it at home. After the first attempt of making it, I came up with this trial and error recipe. Everyone loved it. My family enjoys gandule r...

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Dam!  I could eat this for days. Grandma taught me how to cook this. She made it a lot growing up with all her wonderful side dishes. No matter how many times I have tried to master this over the years it will never come out as good as hers. Her secret was the black iron cast skillet that she oiled for years, plus h...

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I was craving namasu one day and wanted to eat it so bad. I could not find a good recipe like I remember eating growing up. So after a few recipes of research I decided to create my own and I think it came out perfect.

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This Kim Chee Fried Rice by far another favorite in my house that I always make. If it was up to me I would be making fried rice everything, everyday. Just as in regular fried rice there are so many variations and ingredients that you can use.

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I took the old classic favorite of somen and kicked it up with green tea noodles. The flavor of the green tea noodles gives it a refreshing flavor.

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