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Look Fun

Look Fun is one of my favorite dim sum items to eat and I remember getting this from the manapua man that would walk down our street every Saturday afternoon.  I provided the recipe to make your own Look Fun noodle sheets but you can also purchase them pre-made.

Posted By: C. Chang
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Prep Time: 10 | Cook Time: 20 | Ready In: 30
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Look Fun Noodle Rolls (or purchase pre-made)
•2 1/2 cups rice flour
•5 cups water
•1 tablespoon sesame oil
•2 tablespoons cooking oil
•1/4 teaspoon fine salt

Filling and garnish
1.5 Cups BBQ pork (Char Siu) diced into small pieces
Green onions, sliced
Aloha shoyu and sesame oil to drizzle over to serve
Waterchestnuts chopped (optional)

Cooking Process:

1. Combine all ingredients for the Look Fun Noodle Rolls in a bowl and mix thoroughly to ensure that all of the lumps of flour are removed. You can always sieve it before you add the oils if you like just to make sure.

2. In a clean dry microwave proof container (rectangular plastic dish) spoon a ladleful of the mixture ensuring to stir the contents well and making sure to incorporate the flour that settles on the bottom. Cover and microwave for 2 minutes (depending on wattage of microwave oven you may require a bit more time). It should be set but not hard or dry.

You can start rolling this from the opposite end and therefore end up with the filling showing through the translucent rice paper

3. Set aside for 1 minute to cool. Sprinkle BBQ pork and spring onions at the shorter end – about an inch will do. You can either roll these up from either short end. At Yum Cha they like to show the filling facing up so you would start from the end without the filling and roll up. Ensure that you wash the container well and dry it between making each one.

4. Garnish with extra green onions, a drizzle of soy sauce and sesame oil.