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Harm Joong

A dish you will find at every Dim Sum Take-Out location and certainly every Dim Sum Restaurant. One of my favorite things to snack on. I really haven’t had any two that are the same, every location seems to have their own version.While this is a plan ahead recipe to prepare, you can make the Harm Joong recipe your own by adding your favorite ingredients.

Posted By: Deirdre K Todd
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Prep Time: overnight soaking | Cook Time: 3-3 1/2 hours | Ready In: 3-3 1/2 hours
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20 small ti leaves, softened overnight*

Boiling water as needed, oiled

1 TB vegetable oil

2 ½ lbs. mochi (glutinous) rice, soaked overnight*

8 oz. black eyed peas

¼ c. dried shrimp

Water as needed

2 tsp. + 2 tsp. Hawaiian salt

3 TB vegetable oil

1 ½ lbs. pork belly, 1”x1 ½ “ cubes

1 TB Chinese 5 spice

9-10 salted duck or chicken eggs, yolks only

½ lb. lup cheong (Chinese sausage), thinly sliced

1 ½ TB Hawaiian salt

String as needed, for tieing


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Cooking Process:

Day before prep: 1) *Soften ti leaves in boiling oiled water; adding 1 TB of oil. Drain and let stand covered with damp towel overnight. 2) *Soak mochi rice, black eyed peas and shrimp overnight in water.

When ready to prepare: Drain; toss rice with 2 tsp. salt and 3 TB of oil. Set aside. In a mixing bowl; toss pork cubes with remaining 2 tsp. of salt and Chinese 5 spice. On work surface; lay 2 ti-leaves on work surface overlapping lengthwise. Place 2/3 cup of rice mixture into center of ti leaves where they overlap. Place 2-3 pieces of pork, 4 pieces of lup cheong, and 1 duck or chicken egg yolk on rice. Cover with additional 1/3-2/3 cup of rice mixture (stuff joong as large as you like, I do like mine big). Fold one long end of ti leaf over the rice mixture. Repeat with remaining ti leaf; folding over the first fold. Secure firmly with string. Repeat making 8 or 9 more joong. Place joong in a large saucepot; cover with water. Bring to a boil, lower heat, and simmer 3-3 ½ hours. Check as needed, adding additional boiling water to cover joong. Makes 9-10.