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Spaghetti w/Meat Sauce

True to our mission statement, I asked Danny to share a recipe with us and he said if he gave us the secret to his ribs he’d have to shoot me. But he did offer up a spaghetti recipe, one of his family favorites. “Ask anyone my favorite food and hands down it’s spaghetti!”  Now go figure, a BBQ aficionado’s first love is pasta! Read the entire article -

Recipe compliments of Danno @ Five-O Ribs

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Prep Time: 10 | Cook Time: 60 | Ready In: 70
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  • 1 med onion
  • 2 lbs. ground beef (80/20)
  • 2 tablespoons minced/crushed garlic
  • 1 big can/jug of store bought sauce (Prego mushroom is best)
  • 1 container of sliced mushrooms.
  • 4 table spoons of italian seasonings
  • 1 Italian Sausage cut and minced up
  • 2 boxes of spaghetti pasta
  • 1 cup of any red wine you have left over (optional). If you do not have bottle then go to store get one, open one, drink some, then you will have left over wine... Maybe then it is not optional.

Cooking Process:
Cut onion very small and saute over med/high heat.  Brown slightly and throw in garlic.  Stir for a few minutes and throw the meat and the sausage in. Brown the meat, next in is the sauce, followed by the sliced mushrooms and the Italian Seasoning.
Lastly drink a little of the wine to make sure it is good and put the rest in.  Simmer for 1 hours and cook noodles.
Cook noodles and when done strain them.  Put on a serving of pasta on a plate with sauce on top with either Parmesan or mozzarella or both on to top.
If wine is left over still then drink. Pasta is much better with it... maybe how it became famous.