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Homestyle Sushi Bar

This is my favorite way to eat sushi.  Homestyle... With simple, fresh ingredients.  You can set out anything you like or anything you have on hand.  And making a hand roll is so easy!

Recipe courtesy of Karolyn of - Visit her site!

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Prep Time: 15 | Cook Time: 30-40 | Ready In: 45-55
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  • 4 cups uncooked rice
  • (2) 2.64 oz Instant Sushi Seasoning packets
  • Kaiware-daikon sprouts
  • 2 pkgs. shiso leaves
  • Seaweed salad
  • Kizami shoga
  • Sushi nori
  • Wasabi powder
  • 1 large avocado
  • 1 lime (to prevent avocado browning)
  • Tsukemono (Japanese pickles)

Cooking Process:

Cook 4 cups of rice (that's four standard measuring cups, not the rice cooker cups) with five cups of water in your rice cooker. When the rice is done, let it steam for 15 minutes.

Transfer the rice into a large bowl. Sprinkle one package of the sushi seasoning package onto the hot rice.

Mix well by 'slicing' the shamoji (Japanese rice paddle) into the rice and folding it over, instead of stirring the rice. This delicate mixing will separate the rice kernels instead of smashing them.

If you can't find the instant sushi seasoning, you can mix 1/3 cup vinegar, 1/3 cup sugar and 2 teaspoons salt until dissolved. Pour over rice and mix gently until the vinegar mixture is absorbed into the rice.

Fan the hot rice in-between mixings. This makes the rice shiny.  Taste the rice. I added two more tablespoons of the seasoning mix. That's why you buy two. I like sushi rice a little spicy.  Set rice aside to cool.

Prepare additional vegetables, sprouts, pickled vegetables, avocado, daikon, kim chee etc that you prefer in your sushi bar and assemble.

Mix about a tablespoon of the wasabi powder with about a teaspoon of water.  Add a little at a time.  You want to make a soft paste.Not too stiff and not too runny.

You will need about 4 or 5 sheets of nori for two people.  5 if they're going to eat until they're more than 80% full.  Cut each sheet in half.  And then half again.

Now it's time to eat! Start with a square of nori.  The shiny side goes down.  Add a touch of wasabi.  A shiso leaf is always good.  The beauty of this is that each person makes it to their liking.  Fold it in half and you have a hand roll!