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Kuahiwi Moniz & John Morgans Ulu Patties

A delicious Ulu Patties recipe. Perfect and easy treats for holiday parties. Have fun!

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1 Medium/large ulu (greenish yellow still firm, not too soft)
6-8 whole pieces of Lup chong
1 –small/medium round onion
Salt/pepper to taste
Oil for pan frying

Cooking Process:

Peel and core the ulu. Cut into stew potato sizes and boil until fork goes in smoothly. Pour into strainer and cool with tap water. When cooled, mash well.


Dice round onion and lup chong, pan seer to help cook the two ingredients a bit. Add mixture to mashed ulu and mix. Add egg & salt/pepper to taste.


*Add optional ingredients such as red chili, green onion, garlic, cooked kale. Form desired patty sizes to your liking.


Pan fry on both sides over a hot pan with oil (not deep frying). Fry to golden brown. Drain on paper towel, and eat.