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The Paepae o He'eia fishpond in He?eia is one of my favorite places to visit. Paepae o He'eia is a private non-profit organization dedicated to caring for He'eia Fishpond – an ancient Hawaiian fishpond located in He'eia, Ko’olaupoko, O’ahu. The pond is 88 acres and one of the oldest in the Hawaii ranging from 600-800 years old. I was lucky enough to visit the pond several times as my daughter worked and taught me a lot about this iconic landmark. It is such big part of our history and culture. 


Kanaloa 1Kanaloa, a native of Ka'alaea, O'ahu began with the organization as the Education Assistant and has returned to lead the program and steer its direction. He is a graduate of University of Hawaii – M'noa with a bachelor’s in biology. First and foremost, he is a surfer and also enjoys fishing, farming, and playing with his kids. He graces our the Cooking Hawaiian Style kitchen and shares some of the fish the pond has raised. He shares some of the history and cooks up his Papio with Samoan Crab Spread.

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1 medium size papio, steamed scaled & gutted
to taste Hawaiian Salt
4 pieces lup chong, chopped
1/4 lb Samoan crab meat, shelled
4 Tbl Japanese mayonnaise

Cooking Process:

Scale, gut, salt and steam the fish (put about 1/2 inch of water in the pot, keep fish above it over a colander.) Put down ti leaf then fish on that. Steam for about 20 minutes depending on size. Heat water first then put fish in to make it faster.

While fish is cooking, make the "spread".


How to make the spread: cube lup chong, then add a little bit of oil to pan and cook it, then add shelled Samoan crab and Japanese mayonnaise, cook for about 10 minutes.

Plate the fish when done then spoon out spread over fish, garnish with green onion. 

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