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Cooking Hawaiian Style - Recipes

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Anyone who knows me, knows that I love to make pan sushi.  Its super easy, you can make any type of sushi that you want and its fun to make!  This is my version of california roll pan sushi.

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Easy and healthy sushi rice bowl.  Perfect for those intimidated by rolling or making your own sushi.  My husband doesn't care for  seaweed or nori so this is a great way to enjoy sushi.

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Make sushi the easy way by layering ingredients in a special rolling technique or mess!!  You can even bypass making the sushi rice by using an instant powdered sushi seasoning easy is that??

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I remember when hurricane popcorn first appeared in the theaters, I was so intrigued.  How did something so simple take so long to make it on the market??  Here is my recipe for hurricane popcorn.

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Eggplant Salad With Lemon Plum Dressing is a tangy, Japanese salad. Pickled plum puree, also known as umeboshi puree, is made from plums (ume) slowly pickled in salt, with Japanese mint (shiso) added for colour and flavour.
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