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Cooking Hawaiian Style - Recipes

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I saw white king salmon at the market and had to try it.  The flavor of this king salmon recipe is delicate and is extremely buttery and tender in texture.  Topped with a shiitake ginger glaze, this was a meal fit for kings!

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Kyushu style fried chicken is a popular way to eat chicken in Japan. This type of fried chicken is fried in flour until extra crispy, then the chicken is tossed in a delicious marinade and served with tartar sauce on the side and is often served with the tartar sauce poured over the chicken.

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Kabocha Sugatani is a Japanese style cooked pumpkin.
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This dip is an island favorite and is so ono...  you can also add creamcheese and form a party ball for presentation!!

Photo courtesy of Lindy of website.  Thank you Lindy!!

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