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Cooking Hawaiian Style - Recipes

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Light, fluffy, tasty and flavorful Lion's Head Meatballs recipe with a savory taste. Yum, yum!

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Everyone loves lemon chicken right?  This is a recipe for the typical lemon chicken that you find at most Chinese restaurants.

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A low difficulty and high wow Fritatta dish with Chinese sausage.
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Li hing sweet potato fries may not sound like a likely pairing but the sweet-savory quality of the yellow sweet potato (yam) and the sweet spice of li hing powder are a match made in heaven.  Dip these into a li hing-mayo dipping sauce and you are set!

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Look Fun is one of my favorite dim sum items to eat and I remember getting this from the manapua man that would walk down our street every Saturday afternoon.  I provided the recipe to make your own Look Fun noodle sheets but you can also purchase them pre-made.

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