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Cooking Hawaiian Style - Recipes

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I remember days when I dont like daikon but it became one of favorites now. My wife loves it too so I often cook it. Pork ribs, rice wine and soy sauce added together making it a great meal. A super hit!
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A simple yet flavorful soup that you can throw together at the last minute.  I add whatever I have in the fridge ie. mushrooms, daikon, onions etc...

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This simple and quick Pork Stuffed Aburage Rolls recipe is prepared from ground pork, spinach, shiitake mushrooms, bamboo strips, tofu skin, aloha shoyu, cornstarch.
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This Pan-Fried Noodles with Beef is a crispy and quick dish. Ladle Beef, Vegetables, and Sauce poured on top of the noodles makes it a delight.
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An easy, fun way to make sushi cones. This Pork Hash Stuffed Aburage (Sushi Cones) recipe is prepared from green onions, chestnuts, onion, mushrooms, oyster sauce, salt, shiitake mushrooms, aloha shoyu and aburage.

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