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Cooking Hawaiian Style - Recipes

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Chef Reno owner of Fresh Catch Hawaii has a line of bottled sauces. Black magic is a sauce like teriyaki which can be used for a variety of things. I tried his sauce for my teriyaki meatloaf which actually came out to be one of the best I ever tasted. It even is better than my recipe...

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This dish is simply taking your favorite basic curry recipe (box kine) and switching up the vegetables. EASY! Instead of using potatoes I used pumpkin; any type of pumpkin should be fine or even butternut squash would work too. I added spinach for color as well as green beans for a nice crunch. Most importantly, I us...

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This delicious banana bread chocolate chip muffin recipe was provided by Caroline of Caroline's Food Creations Blog.  Try this banana bread recipe and more by visiting Caroline's blog.

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This is a recipe I can up with when I first started cooking. It became a very demanded dish by friends and family. Inspiration is thanks to Sam Choy whom I adored as I began cooking. This Cornish hen gives a wonderful citrus flavor throughout. Enjoy!

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This flavorful and moist brine turkey takes juiciness and flavor to a new heights and will be the star of the Thanksgiving festival!

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Easy make at home Korean style bibimbap. Great for get entertaining or easy family meal. You can prepare all the veggies a day early to make prep time faster or be lazy like me, go Korean store and get the prepared bibimbap sides.

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