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Cooking Hawaiian Style - Recipes

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Island favorite guava with everyone's favorite...Jello!

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Spam musubi - A Hawaii favorite! You will notice those who live on the outer islands, will do this differently than oahu! We like to put the spam in the middle or our musubi, and on oahu the spam is usually on top of the musubi as shown in the picture.

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Tempura saimin - My aunty used to always make this recipe and it comes out tasting so good!  The version made in the picture is without the vegetables, but you can add any of your favorites like char siu, green onion, spam etc.

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Awesome recipe for the huge Beef short ribs you get at the store! Also works well with "thin" short ribs for the hibachi!

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When you want to eat chowder on a budget, or if you have to feed a large family, this will be the recipe for you! We grew up with 2 boys and my dad needing to be fed. This was the perfect thing to make and not splurge on clams!

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Awesome cookies, almost like the ones we used to have in school!

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