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Cooking Hawaiian Style - Recipes

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Beulah KoaleThe New Zealand born actor from Samoan descent is making ...

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Sophia Stark Master chef Jr., Sophia Stark, is multi-talented. She sings,...

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Tavana McMoorThe magical one man band Tavana shares one of h...

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Amy HillActor, comedian and over all beautiful soul Amy Hill joined u...

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Christian Yrizarry Lead singer of the group Ho’onua and Beach 5 has been doing music since High...

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Senator Brickwood Galuteria has been serving our community the past 10 years but has been entertaining us most of his adult life. This is a talented man who won a Na Hoku Hano hand award in 1985 for male vocalist of the year for most promising artist. He launched his entertainment career in 1980 working on air for KCCN 1420 and later with KCCN F...

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Barrett Awai known as entertainer, athlete, and mentor for youth shares his cooking skills with us today in the kitchen. Barrett has been part of the popular singing groups Kaukahi, and Pai’ea. 

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Chef Kimo Kauhane is the chef at the beautiful Kualoa ranch on O'ahu. Kualoa is a 4000 acre private nature reserve and consists of 3 stunning valleys, Kualoa, Hakipu'u and Ka’a'awa. The majestic Ka’a’awa Valley serves as the backdrop and kitchen for season 10 of Cooking Hawaiian 

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The Hawaiian cowboy or paniolo has a long honored tradition in Hawaii dating back to the 1700s and King Kamehameha I. Hawaiians became expert paniolo before the territories of the American West had cowboy or ranch traditions. This paniolo heritage became an important way of life for the Hawaiians and continues to the present day.


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Cooking Hawaiian Style Presented by Kualoa Ranch EP 1007 Featuring – Ms. Universe Brook Lee.


Miss Universe Brook Lee

After 9 seasons of Cooking Hawaiian Style we finally ...

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Make this tasty Tulip Spicy Teriyaki Musubi at home. This recipe is a must try even for those that arent the biggest fan of spam. You would love it, it's really good. 

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Mr Paoua, Mr Aloha, are some of the names of Hawaii’s biggest Funko toy collector Rex Freitas. I first met Rex 6 years ago as he worked as part of our Cooking Hawaiian Style staff. His energy and Aloha is contagious.


You can’t go anywhere on this island without someone knowing him. His network is large as he has co...

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There is a new restaurant in downtown and its making some noise with Chef Kevin Lee behind the wheel offering a refined, yet relaxed dinning experience. I love the style, decor and of course the menu of PAI Honolulu on Merchant street in the Harbor Court building.


Chef Kevin is no stranger to incredible kitchens as he did his ...

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Another exciting episode of Cooking Hawaiian Style presented by Kualoa Ranch & Private Nature Reserve features Sophia Stark. Sophia Stark was a contestant on season six of MasterChef Junior and received a coveted white apron. Cooking and baking since the age of six, she is inspired ...

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Tulip Luncheon Meat Loco Moco, an incredibly tasty twist to the traditional loco moco with a slightly spicy Sriracha flavor in every bite. Give it a try!

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This weeks Cooking Hawaiian Style features one of Hawaii’s most talented entertainers, Tavana. Known for simultaneously playing guitar, banjo, lap steel, or ukulele and singing soulful, island-inspired Rock and Blues, Tavana switches gears and brings his culinary skills to the Cooking Hawaiian Style kitchen.


If you haven...

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If you google the name Amy Hill her resume is as impressive as it is extensive. I first fell in love with her when she stole the show in the movie Next Friday with Ice Cube. You might also recognize her from 50 First dates or Crazy Ex Girlfriend. This multi-talented actress and comedian is currently playing the part of Kumu on the new CBS hit se...

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Soup is on with singer, songwriter Amy Hanaialii. Kaanapali Beach Resort Association presents Amy who makes her family favorite tofu chicken papaya soup.

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