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Cooking Hawaiian Style - Recipes

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Every good cooking show has a great behind the scenes staff that makes the show look flawless. Chef Jeff Vigilla Steak

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Christian Yrizarry Lead singer of the group Ho’onua and Beach 5 has been doing music since High...

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Chef Kimo Kauhane is the chef at the beautiful Kualoa ranch on O'ahu. Kualoa is a 4000 acre private nature reserve and consists of 3 stunning valleys, Kualoa, Hakipu'u and Ka’a'awa. The majestic Ka’a’awa Valley serves as the backdrop and kitchen for season 10 of Cooking Hawaiian 

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Make this tasty Tulip Spicy Teriyaki Musubi at home. This recipe is a must try even for those that arent the biggest fan of spam. You would love it, it's really good. 

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Tulip Luncheon Meat Loco Moco, an incredibly tasty twist to the traditional loco moco with a slightly spicy Sriracha flavor in every bite. Give it a try!

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Cooking Hawaiian Style is lucky to have, Maui resident, Chef Beverly Gannon the owner of Hali’imaile General Store and one of Hawaii's greatest chefs share her recipe with us for steamed clams. This is a must try!

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Chef Joey Macadangdang from Joey's Kitchen Shares some of his favorite family recipes including his version of Filipino favorites Tocino Braised Beef Short Ribs with Ginger Sauce.

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A Filipino delight made from coconut milk and rice cake. This delicious Bibingka dessert recipe not too sweet yet good enough to satisfy your craving.

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Chef Jeff Vigilla in another exciting episode of CookingHawaiingStyle shows Lanai Tabura how to cook healthier family recipe Roasted Kualoa Ranch Farm Raised Tilapia With Oyster Sauce Tulip & Baby Bok Choy. Tilapia is one of those versatile dishes that makes for a healthy and quick dish.

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Chef Jeff Vigilla gets creative with Tulip Luncheon Meat and Kualoa ranch shrimp and oyster chowder, Tulip Luncheon Meat chicken and polenta, and Kualoa farm-raised tilapia with oyster sauce and Tulip Luncheon Meat sauce.

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I love luncheon meat. Luncheon meat comes in variety of brands but I prefer Tullip's Luncheon Meat.Try this delicious Crispy Tulip Luncheon Meat/Turkey burgers with a cranberry chipotle gaze recipe; rest i assure you will become a fan of this savory dish.

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One of my favorite Thai restaurants is located in the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center called Noi Thai Cuisine. Chef Ake shared some of his talents with us making some of Noi's signature dishes. This restaurant not only known for their authentic Thai dishes, but the decor and ambience is something to experience.


They also have a...

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Four Seasons Resort Ko Olina Chef Ray German cools us off with his refreshing avocado salad. A native of Southern California, German is at home living near the ocean and his cooking reflects his menu at the Fish House where you will find live music, ono jerky, Hawaiian brewed craft beer and all the fresh fish you can...

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Hawaii has so many young and talented culinary chefs popping up and we are excited to feature Chef Kino Carrillo today. Chef Carrillo takes one of my favorite vegetables water cress from the Sumida farm and mixes in some bok choy to make us this local-style salad with a special Asian kim chee dressing.

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Mac 24/7 in the Hilton Prince Kuhio hotel has been featured on Man vs. Food, and also highlighted on the Food Network because of Chef James Aptakin. I got to meet James a few years back but because of both of our busy schedules we never had the opportunity to work together.


We where happy to finally get him in the kit...

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Born and raised in Southern California, Chef Ray German lived steps from the ocean where he developed his immense appreciation and respect for the ocean. Moving to Hawaii, Chef German feels right at home where he implements his idealogy of authentic line to table.  


His passion for seafood shows as he makes us one of his sign...

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World champion Surfer Carissa Moore and her Pappa Fred Lum made one of my favorite recipes this season. Yes I said this season. I think the simplicity of it and the flavors in it make it pretty amazing.


The oils in the salmon in addition to the oil in the recipe really ...

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Our producer Ruben Carillo of Carillo productions would always tell me after our tapings that his son Kino could cook. Cooking Hawaiian Style is about sharing not only the talented celebrity’s Hawaii has but also our amazing chefs we have.


Kino, Rubens son a gradu...

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