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Cooking Hawaiian Style - Recipes

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Jake Shimabukuro joins Lanai Tabura to make this delicious Spinach Salad With Special Sauce. Have fun!<...

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This Jake Shimabukuros White Truffle Steaks recipe is tender, juicy, moist and full of flavor. Quick and very simple to make. Enjoy!!! 

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"Momma’s in the kitchen cooking dinner real nice beef stew on the stove lomi salmon with the ice"…Some of the most recognized words on the island contemporary music scene written and sung by Nahoku hanohano award winner John Cruz and he broght this classic to life with the creation of his beef stew recipe made with taro.

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OC16's Jenn Boneza joins us on Cooking Hawaiian Style making one of her family's go-to dishes Chicken Divine recipe. This chicken divine recipe is pure comfort food and super easy to make.  Catch her episode on Cooking Hawaiian Style!

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Another example of Jesse's innovation with using fresh local, heathy and affordable food with this hooulu aina salad with fresh mango dressing.  Be sure to catch his episode along with Keiki cooking contest winners!

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Jesse Limpan in conjunction with AlohaCare is doing some amazing things with local produce. This amazing creation of island fish with olena pesto is one small example of how Jesse and AlohaCare are working not only to help the community, but to teach our keiki the merits of healty eating.

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We have been very fortunate to collaborate with the gang at AlohaCare Hawaii and their efforts and involvement with the community.  They have been promoting healthy and affordable eating which is very important with diabetes and obesity on the rise in Hawaii. They introduced us to Jesse Lipman who has been doing som...

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