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Cooking Hawaiian Style - Recipes

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There is a new restaurant in downtown and its making some noise with Chef Kevin Lee behind the wheel offering a refined, yet relaxed dinning experience. I love the style, decor and of course the menu of PAI Honolulu on Merchant street in the Harbor Court building.


Chef Kevin is no stranger to incredible kitchens as he did his ...

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Kealoha Domingo and Keoni Kuoha joined us in the kitchen with some ono dishes that I wish I could have at this moment. Hawaiian food has to be one of my favorite cravings next to Japanese and these guys didn't disappoint. Representing Papahana Kuaola, they used some of the aina’s bounty in our kitchen to cook u...

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Passion Santos joins us on the set of Cooking Hawaiian Style to make her semi-homemade vegetarian hamburger steak using taro burgers and brown gravy.  You can either use a homemade packet brown gravy mix or try our own

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This week we had Papahana Kuaola in the kitchen for a special edition of Cooking Hawaiian Style presented by Royal Hawaiian Center and they took us back to our roots with their cooking. Kealoha Domingo made one of my favorite dishes: limu namasu which reminded me of how my Tutu would always ...

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Papahana Kuaola makes this amazing limu (seaweed) namasu (pickled salad) on a special episode of Cooking Hawaiian Style presented by the Royal Hawaiian Center in Waikiki.

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I was so honored to have Ernest "Papa" Tottori, the Taro Brand patriarch in the kitchen with us on Cooking Hawaiian Style showing us how to make one of his favorites... Pork luau in the crockpot. Papa Tottori is a treasue and has been producing poi for the state of Hawaii for years. Be sure to catch his episodes and ...

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We were so blessed to have met such an incredible person and cook and to have the opportunity to eat at her house.  She is truly amazing.  This is her recipe for stuffed duck as seen on Cooking Hawaiian Style.

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Watch Popo June Tong as she makes her famous shrimp toast pupu on Cooking Hawaiian Style!  You can get her cookbook on

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Check out this spectacular Papalua fudge cake created by our friends Morris & Chris at Hula Baby Biscotti & KO Bakery in Kauai for Cooking Hawaiian Style's new Cooking Series featuring Island Princess Mele Macs.  The cake is a buttery, super-rich, chocolatey, fudge cake with an isla...

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