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Cooking Hawaiian Style - Recipes

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Try this healthier Halloween treat and cut out the sugar this Halloween with these frozen banana ghost pops at your next party!

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Fishcake poke - I was really in the mood to try different poke recipes today.  The first was a poke made with different types of fishcake or kamaboko.  Very simple to make and very satisfying.  Also great for those who don't like eating raw fish.

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So many of you responded to the picture post on Facebook, that we decided to post the Fruit and Herb Flavored Water recipe for you!!  Thank you to Rob Gustavson.

Recipe credit: Monica Matheny

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This is a dessert that will please young and old and can be made relatively healthy by using sugar free or no sugar added juice instead of regular juice.  Also feel free to use fruit that you like.

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This dessert looks like you spent all day baking and cooking, but in reality, it uses a store-bought frozen pound cake, and a bunch of store-bought ingredients. It takes about 10 minutes cooking time and 15 minutes to prep and put together. The hardest part is putting it back in the freezer and waiting for 6 hours for it to freeze!

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This is the best of sweet meets savory meets salty.  Everyone loves Chex Mix... this is a Hawaiian-ized or should I say Hawaii-ized version.  You can pretty much put whatever you like into this recipe so be creative.  I really like the texture of Chex cereal so I use two different kinds: rice and wheat.  I also l...

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