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Cooking Hawaiian Style - Recipes

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Kimie' Miner joins Lanai Tabura on Cooking Hawaiian Style to make her own Hauula Shrimp, talk story and sing her latest single "Bottom Of A Rainbow". Cooking Hawaiian Style was filmed on Location on the island of Lanai at the Four Seasons Resort Lanai.

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This recipe is a tribute to Mr. Yoshino who introduced me to a kamaboko omelette at Like Like drive-inn.  I was amazed at how simple yet delicious it was.... so here is to you Mr. Yoshino....

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I was checking out the asian market on the way home looking for some ingredients for some ideas that I'm working on and decided to pickup a bottle of kimchee base (kimchee no moto).  When I got home, I opened the bottle to taste it and I couldn't believe how good it tasted.  I wanted to drink the bottle of this stu...

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I've been wanting to try making these for a long time.  I was taught how to make beef taquitos while still in college by one of my friends Yesenia.  Whenever I would cook them for my family, everyone would go crazy.  I decided to take the basic idea but use Kalua pig (pulled pork) instead...they are so good and so...

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This is a simple dish and the perfect Hawaii version of Corned Beef & Cabbage... Kalua Pig-Stuffed Cabbage Rolls with Garlic-Shoyu-Butter Glaze/Dipping Sauce.  You can either steam the rolls or place them in a baking dish and bake.  Normally I use regular cabbage but today I decided to use Savoy cabbage.

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If you are like me, gravy is one of the most important components of a GREAT holiday meal.  A turkey dinner without amazing gravy would literally ruin the meal for me.. well maybe not ruin, but pretty close.  If you want to make killer gravy, you have to plan ahead to ensure that 1. You help product good quality drippings from your turkey  2....

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I know I'm not the only one that has tried to make the famous brown gravy that smothers our hamburger steak plate lunches and makes it so ono.  This recipe is surprisingly easy and quick to make but it beats any of the bottled, packet or canned gravies.  The gravy is so rich and tasty, I guarantee you will be licki...

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